The Power of Influencers On Boosting Your Business

Do you have what it takes to uplift your business to the next level? After careful strategic planning, costing schemes, customer feedback, you can say that there is something missing. An ingredient to a formula to make the business boom with success–not just in profits but also with a great reputation. Marketing your business is an effective way to gain customers and one of the convenient ways to gain a lot is through influencer marketing. If you want to know more, you can take an influencer marketing course.

The influence as a chance

Do you see influencing people as a chance for them to open up their minds to you? If yes, then you’re absolutely right! Influencer marketing works because it lets certain individuals with a great following count relay what products or services that they like in a business. As an entrepreneur, you know that someone needs to walk the talk–you can’t just rely on flyers and billboard signs for marketing your business. To give you tips and ideas on who you should pick to walk the talk, take an influencer marketing course.

What the numbers say on influence marketing

Still doubtful on why the power of influencing actually works to promote your business? The influence marketer proves you otherwise. With effective influence marketing, customers keep coming at your store doorstep and make a purchase or two. And you can expect your business to earn more and be known more!

So how does an influencer do his or her thing? First, he or she must have social media platforms–Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube–they are swarming with people from all walks of life and one or two of these can be your potential customer. The influencer promotes your product or service and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To see is to believe. Here are some of the proven results of taking a comprehensive influencer marketing course with the help of an excellent marketing strategist:

  • Businesses report that 520% of Return of Investment or ROI was earned – this means that the money invested by businesses for influencer marketing is quadrupled or more than that! That is even higher than the traditional marketing. That’s why in 2015 alone, 65% of brands are using influence marketing.
  • High quality customers at 82% are compelled to purchase products or services promoted by influence marketers. Not just buying because of brand awareness, these customers are conscious of what they buy. Moreover, there is a stronger emotional attachment to these micro-celebrities or influencers, customers are more likely to engage especially to YouTube stars.
  • 92% of the majority answered that influence marketing works. Despite some people saying that influence marketing is deteriorating, it continues to thrive and has been a billion dollar industry. Many brands continue to take a marketing course to widen their reach.

Take a piece of advice: know your audience. If your target audience is millennials, you read this article for reference.

Influence works!

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