The Art of Drink Coasters

What do you know about drink coasters? They are materials that you place under your cup of coffee, tea., or water tumbler. However, coasters are more than that. They can be added decoration in a table or a convenient object for your drinks. Read on and view a website that features different ways to make a coaster more artistic. 

Why Do We Use a Coaster?

Drink coasters are also called beermat or just a coaster. These are materials that are placed under a drink on top of the table or any surface. 

For some, coasters signals that the drink is not finished or even as an insect repellant depending on the colour of the coaster and the bottle. Drink coasters are also used as an absorbent of condensation drippings if the drink is icy. 

Drink Coaster Material

The material of coasters depends on how they are used. Here are some coasters that you encountered or may still encounter:


Restaurants and pubs use coasters or beermats as dripping absorbent, but actually, they lean more on staying consistent to their brand. They print their logo, QR code, and website on coasters for customers to see. These coasters are usually papers which they can quickly dispose of.


At home, you must have spotted a coaster or two made of sandstone. Unlike restaurants, these coasters are more absorbent which are built to protect precious tables. Sandstones also add character to the table setting. Their elegant brown colour gives a rustic vibe.

Non-slip coaster

For the clumsy hands or homes with children, a non-slip coaster is the best choice. They are usually matte absorbent material that has non-stick silicone at the bottom. Coasters with these materials are not hard to find. You can view shops like Coaster Kings for what content you like.

Customized Coasters

As mentioned, coasters give character to any table. Generally, objects (like furniture, bags, and clothes) contribute to showing a person’s personality. We make sure that things like a simple coaster reflect who we are as a person.

You go shopping and see a design you like or browse through online stores for coaster design that fits your taste.

However, some of our designs are just not in the market. That is when you should customize your drink coaster. Create your design. If you are not confident enough, mix a few elements you like to assemble a unique unit.

You can also tap an experienced designer that can capture the layout you want. Go to a coaster printer shop once you have your form. Go to Coaster Kings, the best drink coaster printer.

Coaster King has various types of printing capabilities on any coaster material. They can do spot colour printing and pastel spot colours. On top of that, they can also suggest designs for you.

If you don’t have the coaster or the material, you can choose from their assorted collection of beermats. They are wide enough to protect your table and absorbent, so no liquid touches the surface.

View fantastic ready-made drink coaster designs or bring your unique layout for printing.