Encourage Employee Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs in 4 Ways

When you choose to implement corporate wellness programs Sydney has today in the workplace, it is important to encourage employees to participate. The active participation of employees is one way to determine the success of the program. Studies have shown that higher participation can lead to improved success and higher ROI for the company. If at first your employees are not too keen on participating, there are effective strategies you can employ.

Below are the four strategies you can try to encourage employee participation for corporate wellness in Sydney:

Incentives and Rewards

One of the most important things you need to learn about motivating people to do something is to offer a reward or incentive. The lack of motivation is also the primary reason why a lot of people are currently out of shape. Without motivation, people won’t be compelled to do something even when it meant enjoying improved health and fitness level.

If you want to encourage your employees to join in the corporate wellness programs Sydney has to offer, offer them a reward. For example, you can offer cash reward, vacation incentives, or gift cards for achieving a certain health and fitness goal. The primary goal is to offer instant gratification to get people to do something! On the other hand, you can also offer negative incentives, such as deducting from their health insurance premium if they refuse to participate in the company’s fitness programs. More details at A Higher Self.

1-On-1 Engagement

When you search for programs that offer the best corporate wellness in Sydney, look for ones that engage your employees individually. Team fitness programs or activities are good for establishing team work and camaraderie; but in the case of fitness and health, engaging on 1-on-1 activities is a great way to encourage participation. In addition, it would be easier to measure goals and see results.

Promote Healthy Environment

In your effort to find corporate wellness programs in Sydney¸ do not lose sight of your own workplace setting. You have to consider that while these programs can offer benefits, developing a healthy environment in the workplace is the best approach to instill the culture of health and fitness within the office. For example, encourage your employees to take the stairs rather than use the elevator. Or, you can discuss with your canteen management about updating the menu to provide healthier meal options. You want to be able to show your employees that you support their health and encourage them to make healthy choices, too.

Give Them Tools

To make it easier for your employees to follow through with the corporate wellness programs Sydney has to offer that is implemented in the workplace, you need to provide them the tools. For example, if you have implemented a yoga session on a weekly basis, make sure there is a dedicated room for employees to be able to practice yoga. Or, you can provide them with a fitness and nutrition journal, which they can use to keep track of their fitness activities and meal plan. You want your employees to take their own initiative as far as setting personal goals and measuring success. Once they see a result (no matter how small), they will be further motivated to do their best.

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