How to Encourage Kids to Use Recycling Bins


A lot of parents and even teachers today are having a hard time encouraging their kids to use recycling bins. Actually, if you don’t tell your kids recycling bins as early as possible, you will find it hard.

If you really find it difficult, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. Below are a few tips on how to encourage your children to use these bins.

1.     Set a good example

Children these days are very observant and they tend to follow what adults are doing. As a result, if you’re not using a recycling bin then you are more likely to create another non-recycler. Thus, when using recycling bins, make it obvious so that it’s noted and you’ll probably find that your children are doing the same thing.

2.     Offer opportunities

Place your recycling bins in a place where your children can access easily. Consider making your kids recycling bins that they can put on their rooms. You can utilize crayons and markers to decorate the bins to make them more attractive. Also make use of different colors like blue, red, and yellow to communicate.

Look for a nice place in their room for the bin. Tell your kids to throw empty water bottles and pieces of paper in the bin.

But, aside from doing your own recycling bin, make sure to mention to your kids why you use the above-mentioned colors. This will give them an idea of what rubbish they can put on a certain bin.

Both yellow and blue recycling bins can be used for the disposal of paper, cardboard, tins, cans, cartons, glass bottles, trays, and rigid plastic containers. A red recycling bin, on the other hand, is for organic bins or garbage that can’t go in recycling such as bin liners, plastic bags, newspaper sleeves, cling film, plastic wrap, and other soft plastic. Check here Ecobin

Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough time to make bins, there are lots of websites that sell indoor bins like ECOBIN.

3.     Teach them the advantages of Recycling

Children aren’t going to possess the intrinsic world knowledge needed in order to comprehend the significance of recycling.

As the parent or as someone who is older than them, you need to explain it to the kids in a way they can understand easily. Look for books that are specially tailored for kids.

There are also some websites that show kids how to recycle properly. Usually, the equipment used when teaching how to recycle is a recycling bin. With that in mind, you can introduce to your kids recycling bins early. In other words, at a young age, your kids will find out the importance of these bins.

4.     Start a recycling relay

In your backyard or a grassy space, put up a row of recycling bins that accept accepting different. Then, divide the kids into a group. Each group will take a turn running into the recycling bins, putting stuff in the correct bin, then racing back and tagging another teammate who will pick up another thing and run to the container.

The first team to recycle all the items correctly wins. To add a further challenge, consider adding items that can’t be recycled so that kids will have an idea of what needs to go in the trash.

You might want to add commingled recycling bins as well. But make sure to introduce what these bins are. Tell them that they can’t put cardboard, paper, plastic bags, polystyrene, organics, and chip packets here.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this post.