Avoiding car insurance scams for first-time buyers and loaners


Looking for the best car finance which covers insurance is a challenge, especially for first-time car buyers or loaners. If you happen to be one, know that there are many a car dealer Brisbane wide that offer not just loan and car services, but top-notch cars that are used or brand new.

Brisbane is an industrious city of Queensland. As an energetic hub for education and business, there is no wonder why Australians and foreigners residing in the city would invest in getting a car. As the matter of fact, Brisbanites consist a huge part of the Australians who bought 1.153 million cars in a 2018 statistics, making a consistent pattern of Australians purchasing at least 1.1 million cars every year for the past seven years.

There are many a car dealer Brisbane has all throughout the city, so you could have a lot of options on where to go first. If there is a car dealership near your place, that would be your first choice. However, if you don’t have any idea where to start at all, you might want to search on Google Maps for dealerships around your location.

Finding a great car dealer Brisbane has to offer would take you some time.

Being a first-time car buyer, here are a few things to learn in buying or loaning a car with that promised insurance:

1. Never rush your loan or purchase, but listen

Imagine your car dealer as a talking Terms and Conditions paper that you often skip reading and just agree right away. It is a common mistake and a lazy one that can cost you the risk of being scammed.

Because car dealers want to seal the deal as fast as possible, it is only reasonable to be tempted to agree on the car loan and other terms and conditions they talk about.

That’s why you should listen to every car dealers Queensland has to say about the car, the finance agreements, and the insurance covers. Chances are, you will be able to determine if that car dealership is the best or wrong choice for you.

2. Listening is not enough—read reviews and the contract

Testimonies are best when they come from actual clients—not from employees. Check out the car dealership website for reviews, whether positive or negative ones, so you will be able to scale your decisions.

Like for example, there is a good review of this local car dealer called Scenic Motors in Beaudesert because of selling an efficient used car that best fits the new driver’s interest.

Reviews are trusted, but you shouldn’t skip reading the contract, because if you don’t, there will be misunderstanding should you violate the rules of the contract. Be informed.

3. Check the car insurance company

Before purchasing or gettign a loan for the Mitsubishi SUV that you like, investigate if the car dealership is actually connected to an insurance company that is still up and running.

Yes, your car dealer has already assured you of the insurance, but for security reasons, you should be extra careful on who to trust.

Car insurance companies offer different types of coverage to insure your car. Select the best option for your car and your safety.

Be wise—make the best choice for yourself now. For more details, visit at

What to know about warranties before buying a KIA automobile


Know about warranties before buying any KIA automobile! It can provide you peace of mind as you drive off the dealership. And, it can help when you Google “KIA service centers near me” to find accredited experts.

However, warranties don’t simply cover any problem with your car. It has certain terms and conditions you should take note of. That’s aside from its mileage coverage.

Knowing warranty factors can help you use it appropriately. Moreover, finding the best warranty deals can guide you in buying a car as well.

What exactly are car warranties?

A car warranty is the assurance from manufacturers in taking responsibilities over its automobiles. It comes in years and mileage length and could take effect should a fault occurs within the priod. The car owner needs to follow a warranty’s terms and conditions for it to be applied. Check Toowong Kia for more details.

For example, when you buy a KIA car, you need to find an accredited KIA dealer service center to enjoy the best warranty. Moreover, you can’t apply the warranty for normal wear and tear or to repair damage caused by accident. You should have insurance for such cases.

What is the coverage of a warranty

Generally, a warranty covers your new car itself. It offers free labour and part replacements when a fault shows within its duration.

For example, you notice coolant leaks a few months after buying the car. You can search “KIA service department near me” and hire servicing for your air conditioning system. You don’t need to pay anything for it.

What a warranty doesn’t cover?

KIA warranties cannot apply to address normal wear and tear. For example, it doesn’t cover tire replacement. You can’t use it to address chipped or peeled off paint as well.

In addition, it doesn’t cover damages from accidents or car misuse. These include car collision, improper maintenance, and chipped windscreen. It doesn’t cover problems because of non-genuine parts and repairs from unaccredited servicing too. Thus, you should Google “KIA service centers near me” to keep the warranty coverage at its fullest.

How long does warranty of KIA automobiles last?

Car warranties carry an industry standard of 3 years or 100,000 kilometres mileage. The coverage will end whichever comes first. For example, a new car have consumed the 100,000 kilometre mileage in 20 months. The remaining 16 months of the 3 years will no longer be covered.

However, many manufacturers stretch warranties to greater lengths for better deals. These include KIA, which offers 7 years of unlimited mileage for buyers. When you buy a KIA Cerato, for example, a KIA Cerato service centre can serve it for full 7 years. And, you don’t need to worry about mileage throughout its duration.

Considering car warranties before buying a KIA automobile

With these pieces of information in mind, always consider the conditions of warranty deals before buying a car. This is to make the most out of your purchase and keep your car in good condition for many years.

However, you need to find an accredited dealership and service centre for the best deals. This lets you have warranties from KIA itself. Thus, search “KIA service centers near me” on Google or simply click on